‪‪Canada‬, ‪Estadio Azteca‬, ‪Mexico national football team‬, ‪FIFA World Cup‬, ‪Mexico‬‬ 2016

Canada looks to end Azteca Stadium woes - ‪‪Canada‬, ‪Estadio Azteca‬, ‪Mexico national football team‬, ‪FIFA World Cup‬, ‪Mexico‬‬ 2016 Jason Bent game Azteca Stadium in Mexico do not lose weight almost 16 years that have passed since then, he waited to enter the field.
"I'm happy to beat one of them with a plastic bag of urine - in my legs," said Bent, now coach of Toronto FC II.
Canada looks to end Azteca Stadium woes
Canada looks to end Azteca Stadium woes
Mexican fans know their business. Slabosvjazannyh bag has been designed to open contacts.
Canada back to Azteca in Mexico Tuesday (TSN2 at 22:30 ET / 7: 30 PM PT) to play. for the first time after a sticky day, losing 2-0 to 80,000 in August 2000, coliseum 50, is a cemetery for Canada, five times and tied once since 1972 has lost a game in six visits to Mexico, Canada surpassed 21 -2 process with points.
Azteca 95,000 capacity stated in this day, even though it spends more.
Canada (1-1-1) lost 3-0 to Mexico (3-0-0) at BC Place Stadium on Friday night, but still in second place in Group A in the penultimate round of the World Cup in the training area in front of El Salvador (0-1-2) and Honduras (0-2-1). The first two advancing to the finals.
None of the current generation of international Azteca Canada is not known, although they are not used to playing in hostile terrain CONCACAF.
You remember too well precursor Azteca.

‪‪Canada‬, ‪Estadio Azteca‬, ‪Mexico national football team‬, ‪FIFA World Cup‬, ‪Mexico‬‬ 2016

Back in the day, the players came from her wardrobe and spiral staircase up to the field level. Lenardutstsi, Bob, who played and coached Canada at the Azteca, warm considering climbing.
"Go you, and if you're behind the lines, minutes, the first man, so that fans can see that you start to have fun," he said. "With 120,000 people, it is very noisy."
Rumble starts early but. Players agree to leave the locker room in the bowels of the stadium.
"It's almost like a beehive, it just feels like going to a big nest, because it shows the total of which is for the player to see," said Lenarduzzi. "And if they (the opposition) will see players and mockery."
"Even if it's quiet, it's like a beehive," said former Canadian goalkeeper Craig Forrest, who suffered in 1993 by a 8-0 defeat of the Gold Cup there.
Today, a walk along a tunnel above the ground. Fans, many of them belts with horns, watching in the stands almost vertically.
"If to get on the field and look, it's just a solid wall of concrete and the people ... This is the kind of claustrophobia. They feel in a large pot of 104,000 people trapped it there is not much support," US goalkeeper Guzan I wrote on the site Tribune player.
It is even worse when the game starts.
"I remember screaming to the player who is only 10 meters away from me," said the former captain of Canada Jason Deveaux.
That amount, as pro-Mexico, but generally do well when it comes to Canada.
"This is not a hostile environment, I think it's great," said Lenarduzzi. "It is the opposition so far as it will go, as the host."
High-impact visitors, but. Forrest, reminded his teammates on the pipette after playing in Azteca.
"If you do not have the ball, very, very difficult to beat a team that crowded around and you can get in 90 minutes," he said.
‪‪Canada‬, ‪Estadio Azteca‬, ‪Mexico national football team‬, ‪FIFA World Cup‬, ‪Mexico‬‬ 2016
Height affects not only the players but.
"I remember training on the football field, run the game and was amazed at how fast the ball travels through the air," Devaux, who played in 2000 said.
The stadium in the southern part of the city is 15 kilometers from the city center, home to Club of America, which is owned by Mexican billionaire mogul and television Emilio Azcárraga Jean.
Completed in 1966 by architect Pedro Ramirez Vasquez and Rafael Mijares Alcerreca in time for the 1968 Olympics and the 1970 World Cup, a multi-bowl was originally designed to accommodate almost 115,000 fans. Architects around the world visit the arena for their inspiration.
They come with a football camp. At 7200 meters above sea level, the air is thin and the hot sun. Not to mention the haze.
This condition causes the game to slow down, the accumulation of patients Mexico, after Toronto FC head coach Greg Vanney.
"This is a very technical, very tactical to the organization," said Vanney, who played at Azteca with Team USA. "And that's really where they dominate."
If the Mexicans traveled north, Vanney remind us to be like them very cold stage, they could find and to speed up the game.
"This is a complicated, but there are ways to get results," he said. "The team has managed to squeeze away some of the results in the last few years."
Azteca history.
‪‪Canada‬, ‪Estadio Azteca‬, ‪Mexico national football team‬, ‪FIFA World Cup‬, ‪Mexico‬‬ 2016
Pele led Brazil to the World Cup by opening an account with a 4-1 victory over Italy in the final in 1970 led a Brazilian legend Rivelino and Jairzinho's cross, then jumped into the arms of the iconic goal celebration.
The famous "Hand of God" goal against England Maradona in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final at the Azteca, more than 114,000 before his second goal in the match. - An unusual solo that saw Argentina get the ball in half and dribble in the English defense - was decisive in a 2-1 victory over Argentina.
U2 and Elton John played a total 90,000 more. Michael Jackson has sold only five nights. The stadium is also home to the NFL's boxing and football. Pope John Paul II drew more than 110,000.
On the positive side, Canada won at Azteca. There was a 2-1 win over Guatemala and Suriname in the World Cup qualifiers in 1977

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