How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016

How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016 - Tracy "Cosmos" Walker, who was born and raised in the deep south of the United States, every bit of your employees. He grew up with his older brother in his single mother and grandmother in the early years of his childhood. It was later, during puberty and have experienced the heavy hand of his stepfather, that Tracy would come as the incarnation of evil describes that life has served some hard blows. Be able to buy a house, breaking the negative cycle in search of a positive life To hear stories of his youth is a shudder to discuss the care loving man who had to learn after all makes you want to sing his praises.
How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016

How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016

Ask a BASE jumper, who have the pleasure of your company in a jump had, or a chance some time to talk with him, and he feels the same descriptions over and over again. "Space is Yoda basic", "He Guru degree", "He mentors the best of the best." As research advanced, I immediately felt, "It's a mentor Felix glory dog ​​beautiful dog." I could almost hear the whistle, "and hiss" in the background rang as the words in my ears.

In my first interview with Tracy, I decided to go straight to the point, hit flat from him between the eyes: "You are the monster that Felix Baumgartner responsible?" He laughed and agreed to take full responsibility, before proceeding to take account for trained athletes like Felix the joy. He assured me that Felix is ​​not a monster, a little '"wrong" a total base of the population, has a bit "of I (I gasp said:" BASE jumper I can not ") and, like everything else made on this planet a few errors in judgment.

In one of the few statements that I have a basic understanding of how Tracy thinks gathered mentoring. His love for all things BASE jumping can be summed up in the loyalty and concern demonstrated on behalf of their students. Base Jumping is a serious problem, and they should be treated with respect. BASE jumping is not only carried out, planned it and carried out a spiritual experience to be enjoyed and celebrated.

He stated that the qualities which he, the challenge and the responsibility of teaching and features they saw accept admired then matured in each of his students, who convinced him as bridges in this way. "The perseverance in the pursuit of knowledge," he replied, I had a lot of students, but the teacher just a few. Forgery solid skills, the ability to not jump BASE Ethics and leaps that have been made my former students for athletic characteristics that I admire. "

You have the basic principles, the thinking in front of a student who is, you have to be fulfilled the responsibility for coaching? "Snap, monitoring capabilities, pierced canopy management, precision landing, etc. The number of jumps is not important. What matters is the number of hops, preparing for base jumpers and mentality."

Rigging, scoping the purpose and conditions, security protocols, label, and decision-making are the five most important things said Tracy teachers should teach their students to the students alone. He adds, "is, of course, provided that they have appointed their exits."

I asked him to share his point of view, whether it was important for every BASE jumper to have a mentor and how much control or influence on the activities of the mentor has a bridge?

"It's a great idea to have a mentor, there is so much information out there that it is useless to reinvent the wheel and a pioneer in the head and nowhere else, .., to traffic accidents Some elements of people fret leads, even if they have a higher risk to find out, your mentor should be checked no pupils,. that can only hope that the activity of the student to influence, that the bridge is entirely up to them to be, "Oh .. how much responsibility should be placed on the shoulders of a mentor on the activities of the student," No, if a student does not take into account the advice of a mentor. The rest should be considered on an individual basis. "

The million-dollar question: "What makes a person qualified to be a teacher?"

"I believe that the ability to follow these steps: training to remember :. assistance for students, a list or a series of education: to help to use the students, this list or a series of Mentoring: .. listening to the students and the personalization of training and education students share Fit This enables the student to analyze, and to know when to dynamically implement any lessons and instructions in this situation. "If ever denied a student," I rejected the education of the students because of my lack of time or the inability of the student's achievement of the objectives that I use as a reference point. In my euros, would, of course, that the jump to say he was not part of the instructions, but if you have done well .... "

What the technical aspects of the doctrine of anti-ethics, community and history BASIC base provides Tracy this advice. "After an initial discussion with a student, when I tell them stories of horror, and as a base effect, or may be, at the end of her life, I begin with the rigging. Allows me these to judge how I mentally approach is the problem, and me, and then adjust mentoring bridge. "

Most articles that Tracy had ever done: .. "That's my secret, I'm afraid when I say someone is the stakes to enlarge 370 feet and even more boneheaded Jumping 110 degrees inside corner of a building my 15 -pryzhka right there in the Department BONEHEAD. Tom and Dwain doing it to speed up later, but with a lot more experience of BASE jumping. "

Its attraction exploration and discovery to come to the base in three parts of baptism, it leads him along the way to do it. The first is his encounter Eric Lee, "the truck driving man who appeared Boogie before Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana on Shrove Tuesday, spoke with another base parachutists ,. I saw the fire in his eyes when he spoke of the tallest buildings in New Orleans at the time, 700 feet. So I researched the building and jumped as my number 9 jump ". His second victory came in the "death Jeb Williams. Jeb as a paratrooper expert / airliner leader, the guy who could feel safe when he was at the helm. Give a guy who I knew would be the last on the list is, He died on the pole so I studied everything I could about Jeb finally came.. "Skydiving magazine:" I thought they made a typo in the notice that someone is celebrating his jump in 1000 to 400 by the antenna had to jump feet. So I searched and found that it's true. "

Tracy says that it's been around since "some time, and probably the ground staff and witnessed the most BASE jumps than anyone Ca (10,000) and witnessed its growth from childhood", what makes them unique sports base. He adds: "I also have the honor of the famous boys and profile of the infamous coach / mentor jumper shameful, John Vincent and Felix Baumgartner and." In the discussion about his greatest achievement in life is the focus of primary health care to the people. "Promoting changes in people's lives is my result. I have to thank for many times." Tracy loves about life, as much if not more than he loves the doctrine of BASE learn.

It is a student of life, which, as a child ate everything Encyclopedia in their thirst for answers. He said that not to achieve his dream as a kid was "still in my childhood, and I just keep dreaming." Continuing, he explains how the framework has to contribute their personal growth ", brought me into the world. It has matured in a social sense, that I realized that not all of us, and we do not know to land for free, with the exception "free to do what you're told. "

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