How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016

How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016 Page 2 - Tracy and his family now live in Monaco of Bavaria, in Germany, where it competes every year in Monaco of Bavaria Chili Cook Off This year Tracy ended up 2nd place, after, for the sharpest chili con carne. "As it was so hot, it's probably the reason why I took the 1st place, I had to add a cocktail with chili, simply it is too hot, so I stopped Chipotle. An award for his cooking vegetarian chili" what I believe is immoral, but it really was an ass to kick. Three trips to the podium, which to eat the cheese and chili for 10 months. "He called her recipes as soon as the room was," global warming "was the name of meat and" animal cow "was a vegetarian." I wanted to call it "greenhouse gases", but does not it sound too appetizing. "
How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016

How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016

I have recently added to his list of hobbies "foot pocket, Rubik's Cube, card tricks," a table. You can at all hours of the day to find online discussions Tracy, practice or play table football. He was determined to master the game, leaving his wife to him. A kicker to his last birthday

In a conversation with Tracy, you have to learn to keep your eyes on the ball, so to speak. The conversation moved steadily as it makes the transition to the theme in shock; Suddenly you find yourself in demand for many philosophical standpoints. Emperor Joseph II cited in the film Amadeus Mozart is said :. "My dear young man, do not take it too hard your work is awesome, it is the quality of work, and there are simply too many notes, which are all the same ... to cut a few and it'll be fine." What Mozart replied: "What little you have in mind, Majesty" During the next round of questions, I found a feeling, as if some notes are missing, but then realized that it can be part of the charm of Tracy briefly be his answers difficult and generous with his words in the other cases.

What is your philosophy of the jump? "To ask himself:" Is it worth it? "What is your greatest fear?" Heights ", something he would not try or do in life?" There are some things, but the main reason is the limit of time or money, "your fitness regime?" Life active, "What is your weak point in the Pole?" Tracking "that your strength in the jumps?" Tracking "is when you see to jump to retire?" No, "How do you mentally prepare for the jump?" I let go of my fear and logic, deal with it and go with the winner, "Have you taken a course in first jump?" No "how many jumps you jump to first base?" 500+ "many BASE jumps will it take before you deserve the basic number?" 62 "Do you want to have a mentor?" No, "you prefer a single or a group jumps ? "In most cases alone, but more a way, great, and" that there jumping what do you like most? "Kickin 'off' Bitchin song" which is BASE jumping, that you use less? "fluctuations jellyfish".

Finally cornered I answer between the Party of Chile, "In your opinion, what is a big mistake to make the new bridge And?" What advice would you give to the new bridge? "

"The longer wheelbase of the leg and excited to train, to get the experience to make the jump as safe as possible. At the end it is up to the individual to ensure the security of his person. This means, that you are. Make your decision, you will be able. If someone says what they do all the time, and stick to it are, the process will be taken care of. When I teach my students, follow my rules, is a student never be better than me when I my students in order to assess the situation and make their own rules, then the probability that they will go about me more than what I see as the real masters of the dream. On a side note, has the student a better chance of a statistics ".

Finally, (a big sigh of Tracy), I asked the man who was always on the go with this project and the project ", you have any personal goals for you now?" His answer is a classic Tracy, "I really do not know how personal purposes, you are screwed me. I usually go just for him. The problem with personal goals, you get tunnel vision. That is how to focus on the altimeter when you have a problem parachute from an airplane, rather than dealing with the situation. Video Free Fall is a prime example. They were there and done that. almost dead but was the subject in the frame. A couple of friends, he died but has in the video that we have gained has been framed. It should be very difficult to have a goal and give no security to achieve it. "

Finally, after a few months, yes months of bouncing and weaving, always pieces and pieces in an attempt to confirm the portrait of "Space", and Yoda on the basis of Guru, I him "tormented" in exchange for two of his stories. I just wish there is a band would be, then I can get the basic story the full effect, "Spacey Tracey". Who ever had the pleasure of spending time with Tracey knows how blessed me as a writer, have the opportunity to be familiar with it to make BASE, life and "not the small stuff, because it all the little things." Period. Maintenance, space.

List 5 random facts or habits about themselves, which are classified as weird, strange or different.

1. Be 46 years and still play

2. BASE jumping

3. Foot bags (2-62 bar)

4. Predicting the weather

5. Play with magical auctions

Tracy "Cosmos" Walker Statistics:

Age: 46

Marital status: Married

Location: Monaco of Bavaria, Germany

Children: daughter and son 9yrs 4yrs

Education: Graduate

Location: Deep South

Year B.A.S.E first jump: 1988

Container: Perigee / Gargoyle

Canopy: Mojo / Troll MDV

Your Occupation: Research Technician

B.A.S.E number: 283

Username: Space, Spacey Tracey

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