How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016

How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016 Page 3 - Osaka, Japan

170 Building in Osaka, Japan, is a bit 'out. I scoped on Monday to examine the details of the security, and decided that I had a chance to get him, it was only 4 security officer at the observation deck. Unfortunately, there were 20 security officers on the jump of the day on Thursday. Weakness in security was still there, though. It meant that I less time to get up and jump out of the rails is 2 meters and 1.5 meters to the top of fence suicide, followed by the fall of 3 m to the roof, where I had to walk to the edge and jump.
How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016

How to Interview with BASE jumper Tracy Walker 2016

I waited until the guards behind me walking and turned around and walked toward him. As soon as I stood at the rail, the security guard started screaming, but I did it to suicide bombing and landed on the roof and for the exit point made. A boy was in the course of the safety of yelled at me in Japanese. I carefully prepared for it. I have learned, as they say in Japan, A: If you get close, I would jump "D:". Sorry "From:" .. Thanks "

I let your daypack camouflage covering my drill and turned to say: "If you get close, you jump," but I have the word unfortunately forgotten. So instead I said "thank you" with a big smile on my face. I think the smile on my face bothered him because he took a step back, and I turned and jumped.

I wanted to land near the road, but I unstowed my brakes, I saw that there are too many people out there on the sidewalk. So I decided to go back to 180 degrees inside the building (The building was 2 150 office tower, 70 meters delimited from each other by 20 m in order to build a bridge together.).

While I prepared for an outbreak, I saw two security guards who work for me. I broke out, he got up and took two handfuls of a canopy, and they were with me. She accompanied me to the conference room where I waited convened for about 15 minutes of the board meeting. I used the Japanese knew on repeating, waving his arms to do as a foreigner "I'm sorry", "thank you" and in English ", a beautiful building!"

They forced me on a piece of paper that I would jump into the new building did not write, and I asked how many times, I thought it was a copy of the work, as if you were in school is bad as Bart Simpson. You do not understand, so I wrote what they asked, and looked up at him, discussed and then he returned and asked me to write, that, when I again, would you jump under my responsibility. So I did, and signed with my notation.

I asked the question that was transmitted Then he went to the door, and. The question that I asked: "Can you bring me some postcards from the tourist business?" There was a loud "No!" In English, and they threw me on the street. Before I get my legs, my canopy was thrown at me to get up with my backpack Camouflage Day and slammed the door, and I heard the lock strike.

Croatia and rocket-Man

I have been involved in quite a few "high-risk, such as cracks and Rigger advisor. I was in a cave in Croatia 195m if we weathered out of the wind Bora and associated sediments. Since it may take 2-3 days, we had to go back go rent Monaco of Bavaria with photo equipment, as we most of them.

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